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The Building of the Ark Encounter Combo

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The Ark is Finished! Discover amazing construction details and the thrilling "backstory" of the building of the Ark Encounter!

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"You know, maybe God's been preparing us all these years, just for this!"

—Amish Construction Lead

In the fast-paced new documentary, you will see the thrilling "backstory" of the building of the Ark Encounter. The hand of God is clear, so come along on a journey from the first brainstorming plan in 2004 to the Grand Opening in July 2016. Watch how this immense project came together. With behind -the-scenes interviews, beautiful fly-over footage, a time-lapse video of construction, a visit by former President Carter, and many other landmark moments, this DVD is one you will want to watch and share again and again. Hear from co-founders Ken Ham, Mark Looy, and Mike Zovath, plus lead exhibit designer Patrick Marsh and lead construction engineer LeRoy Troyer. Share the excitement! Along with the DVD the Building of the Ark Encounter book will show you amazing construction details and many incredible photos!

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