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When I hear from people who’ve listened to the radio program, watched one of our videos, or read something on our website, I hear this common theme: families are indeed learning together, and our mat

I want to share with you why I’m so thrilled to see so many excited children going through the Creation Museum. Although there are many experiences of the past I could share with you, one really stands out.

I was in the London Natural History Museum on the second floor looking at all the ardently evolutionary displays of man’s supposed ape-like ancestors. A man and his young son (probably around 10 years old) were staring into the glass cases. The Dad then said, “Son, this was your ancestor millions of years ago—you came from an ape-like creature.”

My heart broke as I heard this young boy in essence being told he was just an animal. “I wonder where this young lad will be in 20 years?” I thought.

My heart broke as I heard this young boy in essence being told he was just an animal. “I wonder where this young lad will be in 20 years?” I thought. I remember praying right there something like, “Lord, please let us build a creation museum to reach the world with the truth concerning your Word.”

I prayed similar prayers as I’ve watched busload after busload of students roll up to the American Museum of Natural History in New York and to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago—both evolutionary museums. My heart goes out to these children who are being taught they are just animals that evolved by random processes.

I’m sure you can now understand why I get so thrilled to see so many children coming to the Creation Museum to learn the truth—to understand that they are very special and that they were created in God’s image, but because of sin, they are separated from God. However, God provided a wonderful solution to the sin problem in Jesus. I praise the Lord when I see these children and realize that we are training up a generation to be able to defend the Christian faith and know how to answer the skeptics of this age.

It’s been just over four months since the official ribbon cutting ceremony on May 26 at our Creation Museum, and already, we’ve had so many visitors—people eager to learn the truth about how the world began.

Over the summer, when children were out of school, many families came through the museum ... making this an important stop on their vacation or even just taking a day trip here. Thank God for these parents’ diligence in bringing up their children with the whole—and holy—truth! Numerous surveys and polls have shown that if children are not reached at a young age, it becomes more difficult to reach them with the gospel later on. How great it is, then, that parents can bring their children to the Creation Museum!

And one of the first exhibits the boys and girls see are the two animatronic baby T. rex dinosaurs with two animatronic children. They all want to stop and stare and have their photographs taken. And they also get the message—people lived with dinosaurs! Millions of years and evolution are not true!

Kids love dinosaurs, and evolutionists have used them to indoctrinate in millions of years and evolution. As I’ve said many times in the past, “We’re taking dinosaurs back.” And now we have—we’ve taken them off the evolutionists who captured them for secular purposes—and now we’re using them to train young children—in fact all ages—in the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

Personally, I enjoy walking around the museum and listening to the parents talk with their children about dinosaurs and many big questions in life that the museum deals with:

Through the support of friends like you, we built a high-quality, highly educational, and very approachable Creation Museum. Our goal was to make it a fun, safe, family-oriented place: a place where families can learn together and strengthen their faith.

That’s what we want to do in all our programs—on the radio with the Answers with Ken Ham program, on the web with our award-winning site, in our Answers magazine, etc., we strive to equip families to understand the Bible and discuss it. And you help us in this important, faith-building work when you support Answers in Genesis.

One of our constant prayers is that the Creation Museum and the rest of our programs will help parents follow 1 Peter 3:15:

Always be prepared to gave an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

Although we’ve had many museum visitors, it’s important to realize that summer is not “the best time” for our ministry financially. Giving tends to drop off in July and August. Since 40% of the funds needed to keep our core ministries going must come from people like you, we especially need your help to catch up in other areas of the Answers in Genesis ministry, beyond the museum.

Know that whatever way you choose to give, you will help us reach more people—young families especially—as they seek to grow in God’s truth.

When I hear from people who’ve listened to the radio program, watched one of our videos, or read something on our website, I hear this common theme: families are indeed learning together, and our materials provide them with reliable answers that speak to all ages.

Read over the following comments from parents; I hope that you’re as encouraged as I was to press on in our work:

“There is not a day that goes by that we don’t relate something in our own lives or our children’s lives back to Genesis 1-11. Thank you so much for what you do.”
“I love this new issue [of the Answers magazine]!!!!! It is so awesome, and my eight-year-old is wowed by the amazing illustrations. He informs anyone who has the audacity to believe in evolution that the creation and flood stories in the Bible explain it all. He goes through and teaches them about how fossils were really made, and then tells them if they don’t believe him, ‘Go ask my mom!’”
“We look forward to bringing our children to the Creation Museum on a regular basis to allow them to experience the past and learn to trust the reliability of the Word of God completely.”

Your prayers and gifts will give Answers in Genesis the support we need to continue giving these parents the tools and knowledge they must have in order to clearly explain God’s creation and His plan to their children. You’ll also help keep us broadcasting on the radio, publishing our thought-provoking Answers magazine, updating our website so that it’s relevant and engaging. Partner with Answers in Genesis to continue an amazing year of changing lives—and eternity—with God’s powerful message.


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