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This is not just a historic event in America, but a historic event in Christendom. Over 1000 people attended, including numerous invited guests, local county and state government elected officials, representatives from the state and federal governments, and a phenomenal number of media groups from around the world. The event reminded me of the Scopes Trial of 1925, when media from around the world gathered to hear the Bible openly ridiculed in court. However, on May 26, media from around the world gathered for the opening of a one-of-a-kind facility that upholds the authority of God’s Word and defends the Christian faith against the onslaughts of secular humanism. Over 130 credentialed media applied to attend the ribbon cutting or the first day open to the public (May 28). While the ribbon-cutting ceremony was underway, an evolutionist group opposing AiG flew a banner saying “Defcon says thou shalt not lie.” Many of the media reps chuckled when I said that the people responsible for this banner did not believe in the Bible as the absolute authority and didn’t believe in the God of the Bible and therefore had no basis for deciding right or wrong, and thus logically could not accuse us of a lie!

During the ceremony, I commented that the museum was a legacy, and I made special mention of a number of people throughout my talk in regard to the Creation Museum becoming a reality, acknowledging the contribution of the thousands of people involved. The audience then stood as I said that all praise and honor and glory and credit needs to go to the One who created the universe, then played a video, on which the names of God from the Bible were dramatically read. As some commented later, there was hardly a dry eye in the place. Don Landis then dedicated the museum in prayer, and Buddy played the song that we discussed 13 years ago he would sing on opening day—“He Makes Dreams out of Nothing.” Then, with a pair of giant scissors, we cut the red ribbon.

A local secular humanist group, led by an ardent atheist, is going to be protesting the first open day. They are already setting up tents and a stage for a rock band outside the museum gates. This opposition hates the fact that the Creation Museum is showing the world that the Bible’s history is confirmed by real science—and that if the history is true (which it is), then the gospel based in that history is true.

The guests and even the secular media expressed praise for the professionalism and quality of the exhibits. Rejoice with us for this historic day and please continue to pray as many more media descend on the Creation Museum, which has created a buzz in the secular media (and Christian media) worldwide.

Below, enjoy audio of the entire ceremony prior to the video of the actual ribbon cutting by clicking the play button next to the bar of your choice.



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