Piltdown Man and Other Frauds

Piltdown Fraud

The Piltdown man fraud could be considered “the greatest example of evolutionary gullibility of the 20th century.” The faked human skull and orangutan jaw, crudely doctored to look like fossils, were touted as a missing link and proof of human evolution, until they were exposed as a fraud in 1953—about 40 years after their discovery.

Piltdown Man One of Many Frauds

Piltdown man is not the first supposed human ancestor to fall, but like all the others—like “Nutcracker man” and “Lucy”—was replaced by new candidates. We view the facts of science not through a set of evolutionary presuppositions but through the eyewitness account contained in the Word of God.

Historic Scientific Hoaxes

To mark April Fools’ Day, National Geographic News summarized some historic scientific hoaxes: Piltdown Man, Cardiff Giant, Archaeoraptor, and Bigfoot.

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny Has Been Disproven: Why Is It Still Being Used In Biology Textbooks?

Do human embryos replay the evolutionary history of their species as they develop? This idea has led many to believe that what is growing in a woman's womb is merely an animal that can be conveniently disposed of in its fish stage. Countless people have been convinced by the wonders of the developing embryo—falsely portrayed—that evolution must be true. Why is this falsified idea still accepted by many teachers and scientists?

Articles About Piltdown Man and Other Frauds


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