Brain Better than a Computer

Acquiring skills would be impossible if our brains were “hardwired” at birth. To sort through all the data that our body’s sensors record, the brain has been designed to change. It is three pounds of living, growing cells that constantly form new connections and change old ones.

Were Our Ancestors Smarter Than Us?

The Bible reveals that humans were highly intelligent from the beginning. We see this in the invention of musical instruments and metallurgy, and the engineering of Noah’s Ark. It makes sense that Adam, whom God created perfect, would have had as capable a brain as any modern human.

The Human Brain and Memory

A critical function of the brain is to sort out what we should remember and not remember. God designed our brains so we can focus on the important things and not get lost in insignificant details.

Dangerous Evolutionary Psychology

The idea that all disorders are a result of harmful mutations could lead to the idea that all psychological problems are purely caused by physical conditions, ignoring mental—or spiritual—causes. What if evolutionary psychologists claim that “recently evolved” morality is causing depression?

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