Answers Magazine Preview: Vol. 8, No. 3

by Tisha Martin on June 20, 2013; last featured June 30, 2013

Learn about the matchless miracles of the mind in Answers magazine.

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Don’t miss the exciting July–September issue of Answers, where you’ll see the Creator’s genius in everything from single-celled organisms to the incredibly complex human brain! You’ll learn about the strawberry dart frog’s extraordinary dedication, how wild animals cope with ailments, and the oddly intelligent behavior of the simple algae, Volvox. In the special feature, “Matchless Miracle of the Mind,” you’ll be amazed at the mind-boggling abilities of your brain. Did you know that your memory, vision, and even everyday conversation puts man-made technology to shame? Even the latest supercomputer doesn’t compare to the incredible abilities God designed into the human brain.

De-Nyeing Science

Bill Nye, “the science guy,” has said evolution is the foundation of all science. But is it really? Does he understand the difference between observational and historical science? Geneticist Georgia Purdom explains that even though creationists and evolutionists have the same evidence, their different worldviews determine their interpretations of the evidence. Only when our minds are yielded to Christ can we draw the right conclusions.

Matchless Miracle of the Mind

Human Brain

Illustration by Mads Abildgaard

In a world where it may seem the supercomputer has the upper hand, God’s design of the human brain actually wins hands down over man-made technology.

What Memories are Made Of

Think you’re going senile when you can’t remember where you left your car keys? Think again. God made your brain to remember the most important information and discard the rest. Your brain’s ability to self-organize and prioritize information is more sophisticated and complex than any high-tech invention humans have come up with.

More Than Meets the Eye

Ever wonder why a computer will ask you to identify those warped letters before you set up an online account? A computer doesn’t recognize the images the way a human eye perceives them. Of the many details you see, how many do you really need to perceive to organize a scene or make connections between two different objects? A computer needs a specific pattern, but your brain can decipher an image with only a few clues.

Making Sense of the World

Linguist John W. Oller Jr. says there’s a reason small children ask so many questions. A child’s journey from speaking his first word to asking hundreds of questions a day started before he was even born.

Your Nimble Noggin

What would be more useful in an emergency—a computer or a brain? When you see the contrast between them, you’ll realize there’s no comparison. Did you know that God designed your brain to react in a matter of milliseconds? Use our simple test to compare your reaction time with your friends—who has the quickest brain?

Roaring Lion

Illustration by John Phillips

Beware the Roaring Lion

God gave us all that brainpower for a very serious purpose, to be vigilant (see 1 Peter 5:8). Satan’s next attack on your children may be through your home-education textbooks. In this eye-opening article, Ken Ham shows that when compromising Christian publishers connect the idea of millions of years and evolution with the word science, children are deceived about what true science really is.

The Devil is in the Details . . . or Is He?

It’s easy to mix man’s opinion with God’s Word and “know” things that aren’t actually true. So who was the serpent in the Garden of Eden? What does the Bible really say?

Getting Archaeology Right At Ai

Secular archaeologists claim they’ve found the city of Ai and that the biblical account doesn’t match the facts. But a team of biblical researchers has uncovered compelling evidence—ruins that line up perfectly with the Bible’s history—that the secular archeologists were digging in the wrong place!

Our Daughters and Wives in Combat?

Should our daughters and wives serve in combat? Christians have considered this question for centuries, but it has crossed the threshold into American homes with a recent ruling by the USA’s Obama administration. Theologian Richard Mayhue delves into God’s Word for timeless examples and principles that give an answer.

The Greatest Show Under Earth Adventurer

Gypsum Flowers

Gypsum Flowers: Gypsum can produce beautiful crystals that look like flowers. Even in the dark corners of caves, we can see reminders of God’s handiwork.

Buddy Davis reveals the wonders of Tennessee’s Cumberland Caverns, from a waterfall 60 feet underground to “hairy” rocks and . . . bacon?

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Even the deepest caves don’t get close to the center of the earth. But many vital activities, from predicting earthquakes to finding oil and even learning about the earth’s history, depend on knowing about our planet’s interior. How can we get such information when we can’t go there in person?

Single-Celled Synchronized Swimmers

Slimy green Volvox may look just like the other scum in your local pond, but look closer and you’ll see an intriguing, and even beautiful, colony of one-celled organisms working together. How does a Volvox respond purposefully to light when there’s not a brain—or even a single nerve cell—in the whole colony?

Jungle Doctors

Where can a gorilla get relief from intestinal parasites? Obviously they don’t have medicine cabinets in the middle of the jungle. Or do they? Leaf-eating giraffes don’t eat dirt for the taste and a pregnant elephant didn’t trek 17 miles out of her way just to enjoy the scenery. Could it be that God Himself stocked the jungle with the medicines they need?

Piggybacking Pollywogs

Deep in the jungles of Central America, strawberry dart frogs show more dedication to their young ones than the many frog species that just lay their eggs and leave the tadpoles to fend for themselves. Mom takes a personal interest, transporting each tadpole to the perfect “pool” and returning again and again to care for her youngsters.

Kids Poster

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