Penetrating the Walls!

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I came to the Lord on January 28, 1976. My whole Christian experience, however, was revitalized in May (2000) at the Illinois Christian Home Educators Convention. My husband and I heard Ken Ham speak on the subject of the authority of the Word of God starting from the foundation of the Bible found in Genesis 1 through 11.

I grew up learning that evolution was the only way to think. I believed my science teachers. When I became a Christian, I trusted the scientists, the teachers, and church leaders to interpret the Word of God for me.

I don’t think I ever realized it, but my faith in an all-powerful good God eroded a little bit every time I learned something from science and evolution that discounted and mocked God’s Word. I did not understand how suffering and pain fit into God’s scheme.

When I was exposed to the Answers in Genesis material at the ICHE conference, my eyes were opened to how warped my thinking about the Bible had become. I had an opportunity to face the lies that I accepted as truth and have come to trust God’s Word as real truth—especially Genesis 1 through 11.

I now have an answer for [the question about] suffering and pain. I now have a fire and enthusiasm to share this with others—with Christians who may be silently slipping away from God as I was, and with seekers, because now I have real truthful answers to defend my faith. I don’t have to fumble around for words when someone asks me, “What about the dinosaurs?” and “Cain’s Wife—Who Was She?.”

I have logical answers that I can relate to their skepticism.

Steven and I are on fire with the Truth of God’s Word in a new and exciting way, and are reaching more people with this ministry than we have with any other resource. People find this [creation] topic fascinating, which allows us to penetrate the walls that they have erected against the traditional church. And yes, we have spent a lot of money on this material that we keep giving away, but if it draws more people to the Bible and Jesus Christ, it is all worth it.

I guess I view it all as a search for the truth and where do you go to find the truth? Do you go to the One who created all things, who was there and has given us His Word, or do you go to fallen men who weren’t there and don’t know everything, who want to tell us what to believe? This is a good summary statement about [AiG] in general.

--Judith Volchko, East Dundee, IL


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