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Yellow daffodils, buds on trees, birds singing—these are just a few of the sights and sounds of spring. But you may not have thought about another sign of spring. Handwritten posters fastened onto phone poles and stop signs that shout “Yard Sale Today!”

What better way to clean your house, make some money, and even evangelize? Selling DVDs, passing out tracts, and talking with anyone who has questions can be a great way to share the gospel without leaving your home, and buyers are often intrigued by creationist literature.

Here are some ideas for creation evangelism during a yard sale:

  1. Set a box of free tracts and booklets next to your cash table or another prominent location.
  2. Wear a creation-related T-shirt displaying dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, or fossils.
  3. Donate part of your earnings to a creation-related ministry and let your customers know about it. It is a great way to involve the whole family and is also a good conversation starter. Kids can even sell snacks and drinks to help with fundraising.

One family said they had great success at a two-day yard sale where they played a DVD about Noah’s Flood. They later donated all their earnings toward a creation outreach project.

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