A Burden for His People


As a young boy growing up in Taiwan, Christian Wei worshipped his ancestors and followed the philosophy of Confucius. Now, as the founder and president of an international Christian college, he worships the Creator and teaches other Chinese leaders and pastors how to spread the biblical view of creation.

But his journey wasn’t without obstacles.

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Dr. Wei believes in the importance of the creation message when reaching the Chinese people.

After trusting Christ at the age of 21, Wei began teaching his youth group about living for God. Having heard of evolution all his life, he taught that God used evolution to create life. Later, when Dr. Wei discovered a translated copy of the book Scientific Creationism by Dr. Henry Morris, he realized he had been teaching an unbiblical view of history.

Dr. Wei says that since then, he has committed himself to promoting the literal creation of Genesis using every method he can think of.

His efforts were difficult at first because so few resources were available. Sadly, many older Chinese Christians grew up learning the gap theory, he says. (The gap theory assumes a “gap” of events between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, when millions of years of animal death supposedly occurred before the six days of creation.)

For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Wei has been burdened to reach out to his Chinese brothers and sisters with the truths from Genesis. He predicts that the creation message will be one of the most powerful ways to reach the Chinese people with the gospel. With 1.5 billion people (one-fifth of the world population), China is the largest mission field in the world.

Dr. Wei has seen many Chinese scholars come to know the Lord after hearing the biblical truth about creation and the gospel. Last November, Dr. Wei’s college (which we cannot name for security purposes) hosted a major creation seminar, with several speakers and a production crew who filmed the presentations and translated them into Chinese. Each talk will be made available on DVD and offered free to anyone who is willing to copy and distribute them. It is not an exaggeration to say that these free materials have a good chance of reaching millions of people.

You can participate in this effort by praying for many Chinese to learn from these DVDs about their Creator for the first time.

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