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According to Lance and Penney Davis, their basement experiment was only supposed to last a year. “Following her regular school classes, Penney would dash home, and twice a week from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m., we would work together to teach a biblically based, hands-on science curriculum to homeschoolers. It never dawned on either of us that the students would want to return the following year.”

But since 1994, Living Science Home Studies—as it would come to be called—has grown, now located on a five-acre campus in Woodstock, Georgia ( There they offer classes in math, science, and the humanities to over 100 K–12 students. With all these changes, however, their ultimate goal hasn’t budged. “Here we are seventeen years later still pouring truth into kids on a full-time basis, depending on God to provide our needs.”

The staff at Living Science doesn’t just tell how God’s world lines up with God’s Word—they show it. Each year, the students benefit from various expeditions for hands-on learning. These trips have included such destinations as the Space Coast in Florida, the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and even a two-week jaunt to the Galápagos Islands.

Because of their focus on individualized, hands-on teaching, Living Science has instilled a love of Scripture and a love of science in hundreds of young adults. The Davises believe many of their enthusiastic graduates will go on to earn advanced degrees and make significant contributions in their fields.

But it’s not just the students who benefit. “We have had dads tell us on expeditions that they are changed men and will go home and lead their families in the biblical way.”

Although they’ve faced numerous struggles along the way (“We spend a lot of time praying!”), Lance and Penney’s resolve has only grown. “We truly believe homeschoolers across the country need to get excited about science. If we do not engage young kids and teenagers, we will not raise a future generation of scientists to defend truth.”

To help make this goal a reality, the Davises have been compiling a hands-on science curriculum called Divine Designer. Students will be able to log in to their online LOGOS Institute and receive science instruction and interactive learning opportunities that meet the National Science Standards. Students can even attend each spring’s special “science expedition” (the most recent one took them to all the major islands of Galapagos, led by the island’s best naturalist).

With this new curriculum, Lance and Penney hope that what started in the basement of their house in Georgia can engage thousands of new kids across the U.S. and around the world with a love of science and the Creator God who makes science possible.

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October – December 2011

Answers magazine has decided to do some myth-busting. This issue will examine some of the most popular myths about the dinosaurs and how they died. Along the way, you’ll learn some other cool facts about these amazing creatures—quick, can you name the smallest kind of dinosaur? We will also examine some serious contemporary issues, such as the increase of biblical compromise in homeschool materials and the dangers of the new leader in “theistic evolution,” known as the BioLogos Foundation.

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