“Pedaling” Creation Evangelism


Judy Bowman finds the beauty of God’s creation to be the perfect backdrop for telling others about Him. And she’s seen a lot of His creation, having crossed the United States yearly on her bicycle, since 1991.

During her first trip across America, she realized that cycling is a perfect platform to tell people about Christ. “It breaks down cultural and religious barriers, and provides a nonthreatening meeting ground for sharing the gospel with others,” she says.

This discovery prompted her to start a ministry called WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists (www.wheelpower.org). While cycling across the USA, Judy and her cohorts have found plenty of opportunities to incorporate creation into their evangelism efforts. Whether it’s a simple question like “Where do you think all these mountains came from?” or visual aids like the Creation Cube, she says it gets people thinking about God.

Judy Bowman sharing the gospel

Photo courtesy of Judy Bowman.

As Judy explains the Seven Cs of History through the Creation Cube (Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, the Cross, and Consummation), she has found it to be an effective way to present the gospel. Over the years, many people have trusted Christ as their Savior through her team’s evangelistic efforts.

Plans are underway to share copies of her personal testimony tract Can We Pedal Our Way to Heaven? throughout different parts of the world.

How is God calling you to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature?

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