Flight, Design, and a Passion to Teach


The ability to fly has always fascinated Andy McIntosh.

From an early age, air shows were a favorite. Later, Andy’s interest turned to flight in the natural world—from powerful birds of prey to delicate dragonflies. The masterfully designed aerodynamics of these creatures is a clear testimony to a wise Creator.

Andy’s interest transformed into a passion to teach the design and intricacies of flight, both as a college professor and international “evangelist.” Whether presenting at a school in India or delivering a college lecture on aviation technology, Andy shares how these features (such as birds’ amazing breathing mechanism) clearly point to the handiwork of God.

“If the Bible is true, then it must be true when speaking on scientific matters,” he says he realized even as a young Christian.

Sharing that message and the importance of origins is Andy’s work as a professor of thermodynamics and combustion theory at Leeds University in the United Kingdom, where his current research focuses on biomimetics (copying nature’s designs for engineering).

Andy McIntosh

Andy McIntosh has found that the creation message is welcomed in many educational settings in places like India. He has worked closely with Jyoti and Sushmita Chakravartly at the Creation Science Association in Calcutta.

Outside the classroom, Andy has a burden for helping countries that cannot afford to pay for creation speakers. He has brought this life-changing message—without charge—to Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the United States, India, Nigeria, Australia, Israel, and Spain. He addresses numerous topics, and he authored the book Genesis for Today, which is in its third edition.

Surprisingly, Andy says that the creation message is welcomed in educational settings of some countries like India, where the gospel is restricted. Having spoken at the Indian Institute of Technology, he said most people realized that the scientific evidence clearly points to creation. However, further discussion was necessary to show the many Hindus that Christ is that Creator (and Redeemer).

With a mind for science and a heart for evangelism, Andy’s life reflects his belief that origins is not a side issue but rather it lies at the heart of the gospel.

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