Backyard Evangelists


Summer is a great time to learn more about God’s creation. It also provides an excellent opportunity to reach out to neighbors. So, why not combine both?

That’s exactly what Barb Martin thought when she organized a Backyard Bible Club in her neighborhood. Using AiG’s Seven C’s of History curriculum, she taught biblical truths to 17 children, many of whom had little or no exposure to God’s Word. For seven weeks children from ages 2–13 learned about the history of the universe through lessons on creation, the Fall, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Christ, the Cross, and the future.

During the lesson on Noah’s Flood, the children made fossils using Play-Doh and small dinosaur models. The older children asked questions like, “What happened to everything that didn’t get on the Ark?”

To give the children a better idea of the enormous size of Noah’s Ark, Barb used helium-filled balloons to mark the Ark’s height, width, and length. The children were then able to see that four large houses with yards, sidewalks, and streets would have fit inside, with plenty of room to spare.

At the end of the club, Barb and her helpers gave away Bibles to every family that sent children. Hoping to do another Bible club this summer, Barb says, “We want it to be known in our neighborhood that we love the Lord Jesus and that we love our neighbors.”

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July – September 2007


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