Schools—A Platform for Biblical Truth?


Secular schools can serve as a platform for proclaiming biblical truth. Just ask 15-year-old Bryton Johnson. He had the opportunity to share the truth about the origin of races in his world geography class. When his teacher wasn’t able to answer questions about why people from various parts of the world look so different, Bryton asked permission to speak to his classmates. His teacher agreed and let him take the floor.

For the next 20 minutes, Bryton was able to explain how we are all descendants of Noah and his family, how we would get different skin tones if Adam and Eve had a darker complexion, and how God split up the languages among different people groups at the Tower of Babel. He even talked about Noah’s Flood and that it was responsible for the breakup of the continents.

Afterward, his teacher said that it all sounded logical. His classmates seemed to agree. While Bryton says that he doesn’t normally address the whole class when topics such as evolution or millions of years come up, this time was different. Thanks to a vast array of creationist material, he knew the truth about the origins of the “races” and didn’t want to hide his light under a bushel.

Answers Magazine

July – September 2007


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