Rocks and Minerals

Emeralds—Treasures from Catastrophe

Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds—the most treasured gems on earth. Each has unique qualities that require special conditions to form. Emeralds, prized for their color, are the most unlikely of all. Emerald is the clear green gem and a rare variety of the relatively rare mineral beryl. This fairly hard mineral is composed of four elements—beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen.

Gold—In All Of Its Glitter

No other mineral has provoked so much wonder and strife. Of all earth’s commodities, gold was chosen from among earth’s minerals to represent God’s own glory. Its unique qualities and current location on the earth are no accident, influencing the history of nations.

Diamonds Are Evidence for Evolution?

To see the newest evidence for evolution—and what Darwinists rest their faith on—look no further than the local jewelry shop! Calling the beginning of life “[o]ne of the greatest mysteries in science,” LiveScience managing editor Robert Roy Britt looks at diamonds, which some scientists believe may hold the answer to that great mystery.

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