Talking Snakes and Magical Trees

by Bodie Hodge on May 22, 2009
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A lot of evolutionists will try to mock creationists and make our beliefs seem ridiculous. How should creationists respond to remarks like that? Bodie Hodge, AiG–U.S., suggests a response.

Dear AiG,
I've noticed a lot of evolutionists will try to mock creationists and make our beliefs seem ridiculous by saying things like "You creationists believe a woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree."
How should creationists respond to remarks like that?
Thanks and God bless,

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for contacting Answers in Genesis. Those making these sorts of comments are not likely even looking for a response, but are primarily poking fun without even knowing much about what they are ridiculing. In cases like this, sometimes it may be good to illuminate the humor of their own belief such as: “And evolutionists believe everyone in the world ultimately came from rock.” Then point out that if they have trouble with talking animals then they mustn’t believe parrots exist either!

In this case, explain that, like the talking donkey that Balaam rode, the talking serpent was a vessel enabled for another being to use or speak through—Satan, in the case of the serpent. And nowhere does the Bible call the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil “magical.” The curses and repercussions came from God as a punishment because of Adam and Eve’s sin, not the tree. I suggest that they are confusing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with the Tree of Life, which one may mistake for having “magical” properties to make one live forever (Genesis 3:22). The Book of Revelation does mention that the leaves of the Tree will be used for healing (Revelation 22:2).

Humor aside though, today we see people dying, which is exactly what God said would happen because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion and sin. Today, we also see serpents slithering (snakes), which was what Genesis says. And yet, no one sees people coming from rocks, algae, or even lemurs! The Bible explains the world we live in, and it is the evolutionary position that simply begins with and ends with absurdity and irrationality.

When people do begin asking serious questions indicating they are truly looking for answers, I suggest you be prepared (I Peter 3:15) to give good, solid answers. Study the Scriptures, first, and then read up on common questions and answers in relation to challenges to the Bible. I pray this helps. God bless.

Bodie Hodge


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