Not Surprised by Secular Attacks on God’s Word

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What an anti-Christian time we live in. Really, though, I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised when the secular world does all it can to attack the Bible. After all, God’s Word tells us that men “loved darkness rather than light” (John 3:19), and “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9).

We sure see evidence of that all around us, including in some surprising places.

I have been observing a fast-growing campaign by the secular world to mislead the public about those of us who stand boldly and uncompromisingly on the authority of the Word of God. Let me give you just a few examples.

A. I just read an article about the science standards for public schools in Kansas. The writer expressed concern that citizens may try to get evolution banned from the curriculum, as was supposedly done in 1999. But this is total disinformation. I have heard the bogus claim over and over again (even in Time magazine) that the Kansas Board of Education in 1999 “expunged” evolution from the curriculum. But what actually occurred?

First, evolution was never removed from the standards! You can read the 1999 document yourself and see references to the teaching of evolution on pages 53, 79, 87, etc. The board decided that it would not test students at the state level on what they know about evolution. You see, Kansas is a strong local-control state when it comes to education, and the decision on testing students on evolution was left to the local districts.

The state board also decided that it would not mandate the teaching of the origins of the universe, but that instructors had the academic freedom to teach macroevolution if they choose to do so. The Kansas effort was thus only a mild attempt to de-emphasize the current intensive, one-sided program indoctrinating students with evolution.

But the secularists got the media to believe evolution was outlawed in Kansas!

B. I often hear leaders in public education and the media claim that in 1987 the Supreme Court voted not to allow the teaching of creation in the public school science classroom. However, this is yet more misinformation. This is what really happened, as our CCO Mark Looy reported in the article, Creation, the Culture Wars, and the Courts.

The 1987 Court noted (in Edwards v. Aguillard) that teachers are “free to teach any and all facets of this subject” of all scientific theories about the origins of humankind (p. 9).

As ICR pointed out in 1987, the ruling actually provided a “green light” for alternatives to be taught, even though its teaching cannot be mandated, and even though it prohibits the teaching of biblical creation.

In their powerful dissent, Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justice Scalia also acknowledged that “evolution is not unquestionable fact” (p. 25). They also chastised the majority for its “Scopes-in-reverse” “repressive” position (p. 25).

C. The secular media claimed over and over again this year that a supposed “creationism bill” was passed in Tennessee. But again, this is misinformation. What really occurred? The Teacher Protection Academic Freedom Act allows teachers to help students understand and critique the “scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses” of various scientific theories. Teachers are not allowed to promote religious belief.

D. I recently went on an intensive ten-event speaking tour of England and Northern Ireland. A firestorm erupted just before I left over a well-known tourist attraction in Northern Ireland: the Giant’s Causeway and a new exhibit about it. Secularists and the media were claiming that the National Trust had allowed creationists to have their explanation of the Giant’s Causeway included in the exhibition—and they wanted it removed! But this is highly misleading. What is the truth?

First, the Giant’s Causeway exhibition doesn’t really give “creationist explanations.” In fact, the display presents the typical evolutionist explanation for this unique geological formation; namely, Giant’s Causeway took millions of years to form. It’s taught as fact.

In an interactive audio part of the exhibit, there is a passing mention of the history about how this feature may have been formed. It’s stated in one part of the audio history that “Young Earth Creationists believe that the earth was created some 6,000 years ago. This is based on a specific interpretation of the Bible and in particular the account of creation in the book of Genesis.”

Even though the exhibition is set up to indoctrinate people in millions-of-years thinking and calls its presentation “mainstream science,” just a mention of the history of what people have believed about its formation—including the creationist view of a young earth—evoked remarkable fury from secularists! It became headline news across the UK.

After having visited the UK at least twenty times, I have come to the conclusion that secularists want no mention of Christianity or the Bible in the culture—not even in the context of reporting historical facts that might involve Christianity.

E. Just recently, we saw the furor that erupted when the president of a quick-service food chain (Chick-fil-A) expressed support for the biblical teaching on marriage (i.e., one man for one woman). Several intolerant civic leaders blasted him, and some even threatened to stop Chick-fil-A from opening stores in their city!

Once again, we witnessed highly misleading information that came from the secularist camp. For example, many humanists falsely claimed that Chick-fil-A hates gays. In fact, even on my Facebook page, secularists charged that those of us who stood up for biblical marriage (a male and a female) hate gays—and many of them proceeded (hypocritically) to use hateful language in accusing us!

F. Increasingly, I have read example after example where secularists claim that AiG, our Creation Museum, and those of us who speak at conferences are committing (in their own words) “child abuse” because we tell young people to reject evolution.

The list could go on and on.

I am finding that the secularists are becoming more and more aggressive in their disinformation propaganda campaign to malign Christians. They know the old adage, “if you throw enough mud, after a while some will stick.”

Sadly, I have also seen many examples of people who claim to be Christians tell us we are unloving because we believe true marriage can only be a man and a woman.

Actually, I’m not surprised at the tactics of those who are anti-God and use a disinformation campaign to undermine Christianity in the culture. What concerns me more is the misleading information that comes from leaders in the church! Over the months in my letters to you, I have given a few examples of church leaders who are contradicting the clear teaching of Scripture, such as: the Bible does not speak of a literal Adam; Genesis is myth and not history; there was no literal Fall; there is no such place as Hell, etc.

Just as I was leaving for the UK, I read a distressing commentary by a former Church of Scotland minister that defended “gay” marriage. He tried to use the Bible to make that defense, but in doing so, this church leader promoted teachings that are anti-biblical!

For example, in justifying “gay” marriage, he referred to Sodom and Gomorrah, and said the account in Genesis was not about homosexuality but about a lack of “hospitality.” He used an example that illustrated man’s sinful nature to justify an activity the Bible clearly states is sinful!

This minister should have used Genesis (as Jesus did in Matthew 19) to show that marriage can only be a male and female. As I read his sad commentary in favor of “gay” marriage, I suspected he didn’t believe in the literal creation account in Genesis. Well, our research confirmed he did not. In fact, this church leader is an ardent evolutionist!

You know, I believe we are at a similar tipping point in America right now.

Statistics appear to indicate about 50% of the general population in the U.S. either supports “gay” marriage or would not speak against it. I believe this is a consequence of generations of young people who were trained in the public education system having become secularized and anti-Christian in their thinking. Unfortunately, many of these children and teens attended churches where leaders rejected Genesis.

The public education system by and large (yes, there are a few “missionaries” in the system) has indoctrinated young people with the teaching of evolution and millions of years as indisputable fact. In most cases, churches and homes did not teach apologetics to their young people—they were just not taught to defend the Christian faith!

As a result, our children have been told that the Bible can’t be trusted. Over time, they began doubting the truth of the Bible, and millions of people eventually walked away from church. As we have stated many times, including in my co-authored book Already Gone, studies have shown that 2/3rds of young people are walking from the church.

Thank you for helping AiG as we work hard to correct and counter this onslaught of misleading media reports, and also as we combat false teaching in the church!

Please know that we are earnestly pouring out the truth in the culture—distributing correct Bible-upholding information. We are challenging society and even the church to return to the Bible. The secularists’ misleading propaganda effort is increasing in this nation. We need to work even harder than ever before to reach people with the Truth.

So, will you please come alongside me? We do our best to share the truths of the Bible. But we are limited by time and finances! The more that God’s people get behind what we truly believe is a vital ministry for today, the more we can counter attacks on the truth of God’s Word—and have people built up in the Christian worldview and see souls led to Christ.

With your prayers and generous financial support, you are standing with us in a crucial effort to help combat the growing assault on Christianity in society and also on the authority of God’s Word. I greatly appreciate your partnership with us! Thank you!


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