Secularists Discuss Possibility of an Evolution Museum


Ars Technica: “ Nobel Intent Asks: What Do You Think of an Evolution Museum? Though we doubt the idea will go anywhere, one evolutionist has come up with a new way to counter AiG’s Creation Museum: building an Evolution Museum right across the street!

No, it’s not a joke—at least, not as far as we can tell. According to its mission statement, the Evolution Museum “believes that all people must be educated on the theory of evolution. The world needs balance and the Evolution Museum aims to create balance in the Midwestern states of the U.S.” The plan, farcical or not, is to put the museum “right across the highway” (presumably across Interstate 275) from the Creation Museum.

The Evolution Museum “believes that all people must be educated on the theory of evolution."

The Ars Technica column Nobel Intent solicited opinions from its readers on the project, interestingly opining that building a museum is “tak[ing] a page out of the creationist playbook.”

Judging by the reader comments, most evolutionists aren’t lining up to support the Evolution Museum. “Won‘t this give legitimacy to the creationists’ argument that ‘both sides’ need to be taught?” asked one reader, while another offered, “It would almost be an implicit acknowledgment that creationism is equal to evolution.” Many pointed out that there are already numerous natural history museums that are in effect “evolution museums”—the same conclusion drawn by AiG’s Bodie Hodge, who said:

There are hundreds of museums without a bent on creation in the Midwest, and yet one Creation Museum. So if they want another evolution-based museum to tip the scales in their favor, then they just revealed that one Creation Museum is as good as (or better) than the hundreds of evolution-based museums already. That is actually a great compliment!

Indeed, if anything, the remarkable success of the Creation Museum (more than 435,000 visitors in just over a year) demonstrates how out-of-sync most natural history museums are with actual public beliefs about origins—and how apparently threatening or disturbing just one history museum built around the Bible is to the temples of Darwin.

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