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Are you exasperated by all the hype about “millions of years” in secular museums? No matter what the main topic, these institutions seem compelled to repeat this unending mantra.

Is it possible for Bible-believing Christians to visit such places and profit from their experience? The answer is a resounding “yes!” With the right perspective, we can learn more about the natural world and grow in our biblical understanding of the wonderful universe God created.

The newest guidebook, the Museum Guide from Answers in Genesis, will help. This guide tells the true history about dinosaurs, plate tectonics, the Stone Age, the Ice Age, human origins, and more. With photos and brief statements offering a biblical perspective on a variety of museum exhibits, this guide makes a great companion for your visit. The clear format is easy to read as you tour any natural history museum.

With an introductory section comparing biblical history to evolutionary history, you’ll be prepared to encounter antibiblical philosophies anywhere—not just in museums. The guide will enrich your experience with practical tips for planning your visit. The “Hall of Life,” “Hall of Earth,” and “Hall of the Universe” sections will give you a biblical view on the major exhibit areas of most natural history museums.

When your child asks, “Mom, is that true?” you’ll be able to quickly answer with Bible-based information on origins. For example, what is the truth about the Cambrian explosion, the Devonian fish-to-amphibian transitional period, mammal-like reptiles, the origin of photosynthesis, feathered dinosaurs, and Rodinia? With the Museum Guide, you’ll have the answers at your fingertips!

Like the Zoo Guide and Aquarium Guide, the Museum Guide can be used with small-group creation tours of your local natural history museum, as a resource for school projects, or as a guide to take along on family or school field trips.

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July – September 2007


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