Evolutionists Are on the Warpath!

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In the past months, several magazine, newspaper and Web articles (often lead stories)—and also TV shows—have been ardently pushing evolution.

In the past months, several magazine, newspaper and Web articles (often lead stories)-and also TV shows-have been ardently pushing evolution, including:

  • Scientific American - major article “15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense”

  • U.S. News and World Report - cover story “The New Reality of Evolution”

  • National Geographic - cover story “The face of the first human to leave Africa”

  • NOVA/PBS-TV - “Evolution,” a high-budget, 8-hour TV series re-broadcast in May

  • Discovery Channel - the recent evolution TV show “Walking With Prehistoric Beasts”

This sampling of anti-Bible propaganda is daunting to many Christians. But I have some exciting news to share with you as to how the Lord is actually using such attacks to equip people to defend the Christian faith-and to reach many with the saving Gospel.

After the “Evolution” TV series and the Scientific American and US News articles, AiG scientists prepared detailed rebuttals for the Web (about 20,000 people a day visit AiG’s Web site). Also, nearly 100,000 copies of our CD-ROM critique of “Evolution’-called “Creation”-have been distributed. (See our rebuttals to these and other attacks on Biblical authority on our Q&A: Answering the Critics page.)

A man named Greg wrote: “I just read AiG’s response to Scientific American … . [In addition] AiG’s response to the PBS series Evolution was also a ‘killer.’ I watched the episodes at night on PBS, then read AiG’s commentary the very next day on the Web … . Great job.”

More and more, Christians are realizing that AiG is not just dealing with creation/evolution, but is a ministry whose mission is to equip Christians to defend their faith.

As a letter from Brian reveals, God is using AiG to change lives: “I have to say that your organization has turned a half-hearted Christian and former atheist into a much strengthened ambassador for Christ. I can now effectively defend my faith.”

This couldn’t be done if you didn’t stand behind this ministry in prayer and with your gifts. As we come out of a period when many people have taken vacations and thus their donations drop, please consider a gift to this non-profit ministry. Thank you.


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