Shasta Bible College and Graduate School

Redding, CA

  • President

    David R. Nicholas
  • Academic Dean

    Stephen G. Brown
  • Bible Chair

    George Gunn
  • Science Chair

    Larry Vardiman

Shasta Bible College and Graduate School offers an affordable, quality, bible centered college experience on a small family oriented campus.

Your choice of college will set the foundation for the rest of your life. We prepare men and women for life and ministry. You may be looking for a one year experience to set the foundation for your future or preparing to answer God's call on your life to full time ministry. SBC offers an educational environment that upholds the scriptures and values students. Small class sizes and a caring experienced faculty make the Shasta Difference you may be looking for.

At Shasta Bible College:

  • our passion is to “make a difference” for Christ in a post-modern world. Training faithful men and women who are able to teach others multiplies our ministry.
  • our priority is to equip students to fulfill our Lord’s final command (Matt. 28: 19,20). Students will develop a love for the lost, dedication to discipleship and the ability to “accurately handle” God’s infallible, inerrant Word, proclaiming it as the standard for all truth and the prime authority for faith and practice both in the church and personal life.
  • our product is committed men and women who will serve and honor our Lord Jesus Christ with spirit-controlled and empowered lives that are holy and acceptable to Him.
  • Why not join us at SBC&GS and discover the exciting fulfillment that comes with knowing the Book of books and serving the King of kings?


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