Patrick Henry College

Purcellville, VA

  • President

    Jack Haye
  • Academic Dean

    Frank Guliuzza
  • Bible Chair

    Darrel W. Cox

Patrick Henry College is located in the heart of Loudoun County, an area steeped in history and filled with spectacular vistas, scenic byways and charming towns and villages.

Conveniently located just an hour from our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., or historic Gettysburg to the north, we invite you to explore the rich heritage of Northern Virginia during your visit to Patrick Henry College. There is no better way to find out if Patrick Henry College is the right college for you than by experiencing it for yourself. We invite you to visit our campus and see what it’s like to join a community that will challenge your mind, sharpen your faith, and clarify God’s calling on your life.

Patrick Henry College believes that God is the source of all truth, be it spiritual, moral, philosophical, or scientific. For this reason, we seek to educate students in God's truth throughout the entire curriculum. Christian faith and genuine learning cannot be separated; neither is our Christian faith a mere addendum to the liberal learning process. Instead, our Christian faith precedes and informs all that we at Patrick Henry College study, teach, and learn.

PHC has designed its programs to resonate with the values of the Christian homeschool movement; however, this approach is not meant to exclude students who have attended public or Christian schools. PHC is open to all who share our values and approach to higher education. The independent thought, creativity, and strong work ethic which typically characterize homeschooled students are hallmarks of PHC as well.



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