Maranatha Baptist University

Watertown, WI

  • President

    S. Marty Marriott
  • Academic Dean

    William Licht
  • Bible Chair

    Mark Herbster
  • Science Chair

    Lane Hansel

Christ centered. Ministry minded. Academically sound.

Our Mission

The mission of Maranatha Baptist University is to develop leaders for ministry in the local church and the world “To the Praise of His Glory.”

Welcome to MBU

Maranatha Baptist University provides a Christ-centered, biblically based liberal arts education in an environment marked by intellectual rigor and inquiry. The University emphasizes the local church and personal outreach, providing students with a platform to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. A degree from MBU prepares students to answer God’s call to the pulpit or the marketplace, here at home or around the world.

Located in Watertown, WI, the University offers 31 majors, 35 minors, 8 associate programs, 2 master’s programs, and 1 doctoral program through its College of Arts and Sciences (which includes the Departments of Applied Science, Humanities, and Music), the College of Bible and Church Ministries, the School of Business, the School of Nursing, and the School of Education.

Maranatha Baptist Seminary, as the flagship of the University’s local church purpose and Baptist identity, offers eight graduate degrees, including the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry in Preaching and Leading.

Through the Office of Online and Distance Education, “Bridge to Campus” students located in Arizona, California, Louisiana, Michigan, and Oregon utilize high definition video conferencing to attend classes. Over 200 undergraduate and graduate classes and 8 programs are offered in an online or distance education format for high school and college students as well as adult learners.

As a NCAA Division III and NCCAA Division II institution, the University competes in 10 intercollegiate men’s and women’s sports.


  • Regional accreditation since 1993. The University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) under the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), an accreditation pathway based upon the principles of continuous quality improvement. [ | 312.263.0456]
  • CCNE accreditation since 2012. The School of Nursing attained accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) in 2012. The University offers an ROTC program that has consistently performed at top levels in the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

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