Jackson Hole Bible College

Jackson, WY

  • President

    Don Landis
  • Academic Dean

    Holly Austin
  • Bible Chair

    Scott Austin

Howdy from Jackson Hole Bible College, located just south of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming.

JHBC’s one-year program is designed to give students a clear understanding of God’s eternal plan through the timeline of human history beginning with a literal, historical, grammatical and contextual interpretation of Scripture. Belief in a six day creation text provides great emphasis on developing our students’ Christian worldview based upon a solid Biblical hermeneutic.

Our experiences, after reading Dr. Morris and Dr. Whitcomb’s book “The Genesis Flood”, written almost 40 years ago, has alerted us to a number of attacks by which Satan has weakened the church by undermining the authority of Scriptures. Through the popular model of evolution our enemy is attacking the credibility of the first eleven chapters of Genesis and has set up a huge hurdle for unsaved people who cannot trust solely in Christ. Even within the church, many Christians do not realize that mixing millions of years into the text of God’s Word is a serious attack on the salvific work of Christ and even on the nature and character of God.

Jackson Hole Bible College believes that Christ is not only Redeemer but Creator! When Christians accept Him as Redeemer we gain a personal relationship with Him. Through Christ, we are co-heirs of God’s love, forgiveness, mercy, friendship and grace. Since so many Christians have never (by default) consciously put their confidence in Christ as Creator, they miss the blessing and influence this truth brings and an understanding of the Creator Christ through which we learn accountability, Lordship and sovereignty. James 1:8 says that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Unfortunately we see this instability in Christians who have one foot on Christ as Redeemer yet have one foot remaining on evolution and chance. Little wonder why, in survey after survey, Christians reveal they live no differently from the lost world around them.

The first eleven chapters of Genesis contain almost all our major doctrines and beliefs in the Christian faith. Satan knew he had to attack the foundations of our faith and by questioning the Bible’s teaching about creation, the origin of man, the purpose of marriage, the reality of sin, the need for a redeemer, and the place of family and government. Satan’s deception has destroyed, for many, the foundation of Christianity. Through the process’ of evolution, Satan replaces God and tells man that he can become god - the basis of all world religions other than Christianity.

Through a year of study, contrasting the truth of God’s Word with the counterfeit, JHBC seeks to give our students the apologetic skills to share their faith in this post-modern world. By bringing our students a fuller understanding of a Biblical worldview, they learn to practice a walk that honors the Lord Jesus solely, ultimately bringing Him the glory.”

Jackson Hole Bible College’s mission is to give a schematic overview of God’s Word in a regular two-semester school year. We desire to teach our students a world-view that will provide a solid foundation for Biblical decision-making throughout every area of life. We wish for our students to be challenged in their academic pursuits but more importantly we desire their spiritual lives to be strengthened and challenged by constant exposure to the never changing Word of God. We teach our students to defend their faith from a presuppositional perspective, which stands solely upon the basis of the Word of God.

Modular classes allow JHBC students to focus for one or two weeks on a single subject to encourage in-depth study, not only on creation science topics but also normal collegiate level textual studies, enhancing the learning environment. Modular classes allow our students specific one-on-one time with the professor throughout the course of the week. Professors that teach at JHBC are nationally recognized and requested speakers. Conversations with our professors are classrooms in themselves, discipling and answering student’s questions outside of formal lecture times.

Jackson Hole Bible College sets itself apart from other Bible colleges through the field trips that are provided in the scholastic year. JHBC students discover biblical evidence first hand during trips ranging from backpacking in Grand Teton National Park, to a first hand view of Mount St. Helens from Johnston Observatory to hiking down the Grand Canyon. Field trips provide an evidential foundation to the claims of the Bible, the implications of a global flood and catastrophism. The philosophy behind these trips is to continue to provide our students with a solid foundation upon which to take an apologetic stand in the post-modern culture in which Christians live.”


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