ICR: School of Biblical Apologetics

Dallas, TX

  • President

    Henry M. Morris, III
  • Academic Dean

    James J.S. Johnson
  • Bible Chair

    James J.S. Johnson

ICR School of Biblical Apologetics (ICR-SOBA or SOBA) is purposefully designed to provide a self-paced, open-book, online program blending Christian education with biblical apologetics. Our curriculum is based on the God-honoring creationist foundation the Institute for Creation Research has been known for in its more than 40 years of Bible-based ministry.

ICR-SOBA degree programs include Master of Christian Education, Bachelor of Christian Education, and Associate of Christian Education. Non-degree programs (including a “short course” series) are also available. The perspective of ICR-SOBA is summarized at www.icr.edu/tenets, and it is that perspective from which all SOBA core courses and electives are taught. Most of these online courses were converted from live-classroom recordings, and this allows SOBA to combine the content of a traditional learning experience with the convenience of online technology. The technology required is intentionally user friendly (email and Internet), yet personal help is just an email or phone call away.

ICR-SOBA began in 2009, with its first class graduating in late 2011. Because the SOBA programs are self-paced, students can begin them at any time, pursue (and pay for) one course at a time, and graduate whenever the program is completed. The curriculum is framed upon the logic of Ezra 7:10: (1) recognizing that God has given us truth in Scripture, which is ultimately authoritative, and in natural revelation, which corroborates scriptural data; (2) learning how to search for and analyze that truth; (3) learning how to personalize and practice that truth; and (4) learning how to transmit and teach that truth to others.

Our approach to apologetics is not limited to reactively answering questions or trying to win debates. First Peter 3:15 prioritizes sanctifying the Lord God in our hearts—honoring God is more important than winning arguments. Furthermore, Jude 1:3-4 mandates defending our God-given faith against scoffers who oppose God’s truth, while Jude 1:22-23 encourages us to rescue those who are confused by evolution-based errors.

The M.C.Ed. program features a joint major in Biblical Education and Apologetics, with optional minors in Genesis Studies, Creation Research, Christian School Teaching, Sacred Humanities, Creation Theology, and Christian Leadership.

The B.C.Ed. program features a major in Creation Apologetics, with optional second majors in Genesis Studies, Creation History, Creation Stewardship, and Creation Theology, as well as optional minors.

The A.C.Ed. program features a concentration in Biblical Apologetics, with various optional tracks intended to flow seamlessly into the B.C.Ed. program. This program is not a vocational school intended to provide market-entry credentials for a secular job. Rather, SOBA provides educational training for Christian ministry (especially for professionals already teaching God’s truth) with special attention to Genesis-based creationist apologetics.

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  • Not Accredited (For additional information, see www.icr.edu/recognition)

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