Bad Vibes at a Christian University!


‘Where do we send our teenage son or daughter to Bible college, one where the authority and accuracy of the Bible are truly taught?’

One of the most-asked questions that we receive from AiG-US supporters is: “Where do we send our teenage son or daughter to Bible college, one where the authority and accuracy of the Bible are truly taught?”

An AiG supporter near Chicago, Illinois, wrote to us recently about his experience in sending his son to a well-known Christian university in the western part of America. Here is the unfortunate experience that the father had when he attended an orientation program for parents of incoming freshmen:

“We sent our 18-year-old son off to college at (name withheld) university. While we were there, my wife and I attended a campus seminar program designed to give parents of incoming freshmen the chance to talk to various department heads.

“My first stop was with the Dean of Theology, as I was curious as to the school’s stand on Genesis. In short, he explained that Genesis contained ‘many truths’ and was written primarily so we may know God as the Creator. It was up to science to determine when and how He did it, he claimed.

“I then walked over to the science department and talked with one of the professors from the microbiology division. He stated that when it comes to the issue of origins, his department teaches ‘hard science.’ Hard science, as he explained, was the undeniable truth that God used millions of years of evolution in the creation process.

“To back up his claims, he alluded to the replication of the AIDS virus, and how mutations form completely new strains of drug-resistant viruses. [For a refutation, click here].

“This was proof of evolution? I told him that the theory of evolution requires the formation of new genetic information, and mutations were not an accurate example for him to cite—I explained that mutations just use pre-existing information and change the order.

“He was surprised by my reply and did not dispute it. He then, seriously, asked me what field of science I worked in, to which I replied, ‘No, I am not a scientist, just an insurance agent who takes God at His Word.’

“I asked him if he had read any books written by Dr Henry Morris [of ICR] or Ken Ham. He replied that their viewpoints do not represent ‘credible science.’ I then asked him how he defined ‘credible science.’ He suggested that I read Finding Darwin’s God by Kenneth Miller and Can a Darwinian be a Christian? by Dr Michael Ruse [both evolutionists—the latter an agnostic, the former was reviewed in TJ 15(3), 2001].

“Enclosed find a contribution for the Creation Museum. Keep up the good work.”

—T.J., Illinois

Most Christians would be surprised to discover that the overwhelming majority of Christian colleges in America today (and overseas) teach a compromise view of origins, including theistic evolution (taught at this particular university mentioned above), progressive creation, gap theory, etc.


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