Year of Darwin: A Creation Perspective

As the world looks back on the life and significance of Charles Darwin, Answers in Genesis wants to make numerous resources available to examine the life and works of one of the most controversial figures in history. To that end, a special edition of Answers magazine and this special Year of Darwin web feature will provide answers about the man himself, creation, evolution, and what the last 150 years have taught us. A deeper look might surprise you.

Darwin: A Creationist Perspective

Throughout 2009 the world will be celebrating Darwin’s birthday (February 12, 1809) and the publication of On the Origin of Species (November 24, 1859). Meanwhile, Bible-believing Christians have had 150 years to reflect on Darwin’s life and work. What have we learned?

First, it’s important to get our facts straight. Darwin was not a demon or an angel, but a human being like the rest of us, struggling with difficult personal and intellectual questions.

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Second, Darwin made some valuable scientific observations and raised some good questions. Scientists are still trying to answer many of those questions today.

The January issue of Answers magazine asked leading minds in creation science to share their perspectives on both Darwin and his book, and to report on the latest efforts by creationists to provide an alternative explanation for the origin of species.

The result could be titled a “Creationist Manifesto for the Twenty-first Century,” a statement of the latest creationist thinking on the origin of species, as well as a revolutionary call for Bible-based science that can change our understanding of the world. We believe these insights should be freely available to teachers, pastors, and students on every continent, as they wrestle with the significance of Darwin’s life and works.

During the “Year of Darwin” and “Darwin Day” celebrations on February 12, our hope is that many souls will dig a little deeper and discover the true Source of Life, whose Book holds the key that unlocks the mysteries of life.

Michael Matthews
Editor-in-chief, Answers Magazine

Uncovering the Truth

As part of our effort to provide answers to some of the toughest questions, this mini-site will feature a number of articles from our upcoming Answers magazine, videos, and other content—all for free.

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Listen to “How the Theory Began,” by Diana Waring, to learn about the history of Darwinism in order to understand how it has infected our culture.

During the Year of Darwin, Answers in Genesis invites you to get equipped and learn the facts.


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