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Move over Abe Lincoln, it’s time to celebrate Darwin's birthday on February 12th.

At least, that’s the sentiment shared by thousands of people who venerate Charles Darwin and plan to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth.

What started out as a single event in 1995 has grown to over 850 Darwin Day events worldwide, according to the sponsor, Institute for Humanist Studies. Their website lists planned bicentennial celebrations at universities, museums, libraries, and yes, even churches.

One such group is the Clergy Letter Project, whose aim is to “demonstrate that religious people from many faiths and locations understand that evolution is sound science and poses no problems for their faith.” Last year, 814 congregations participated in Evolution Weekend on Darwin’s birthday, and more are expected in 2009.

So, what are creationists to do on this day? Perhaps they should consider hosting their own Creation Sunday or devote a whole weekend to celebrating creation. Here are just a few ideas on what Christians can do to celebrate and give glory to the Creator God:

  • Encourage your pastor, Sunday school, or small group to sponsor a Creation Sunday or a whole weekend with various creation talks or DVDs. Free creation PowerPoint presentations are available from CreationSunday.com.
  • Attend a creation conference to get better equipped (see Darwin Answered on page 12).
  • Share creation resources with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

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