Spreading the Message Through DVDs


“I didn’t even know this information existed.”

Christians often express this thought after hearing what creationists have been discovering about God’s creation. When they see that good science blends nicely with the Bible, their excitement about the Creator grows and their desire to serve Him is invigorated.

So what can Christians do to spread the message to their church and community? For many the answer is to coordinate a series of creation video presentations.

While some congregations, especially smaller ones, are unable to host a full-blown apologetics conference with creation speakers, they can still enjoy the benefits through hosting their own video conference.

For instance, a church might show a DVD on the relevance of Genesis during the morning church service while the children watch a DVD on dinosaurs during the Sunday school hour. For an evening service, churches might show DVDs on dinosaurs and the origin of races. Participants then have an opportunity to discuss what they saw. At the same time, the church can make other resources available or show what’s available in the church library.

According to Bob Thompson, a retired school administrator who now serves as Video Conference Ministry Coordinator at Answers in Genesis, “This type of faith-equipping ministry is successful because laypeople in the church take the initiative and promote the opportunity in their own churches.”

If you need more help, Answers in Genesis can offer suggestions or lead a video conference. If you have always wanted to do something to honor the Creator in your area, here’s your chance.

For information about Answers in Genesis video conferences, visit www.answersingenesis.org/events

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