Big Bang Documentary a Big-Budget Dud!

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You don’t have to be a Bible-believing Christian any more to recognize that the “big bang” theory is an illogical and poor scientific explanation for the origin of our universe.

That is certainly the case with a non-Christian journalist in Australia who recently reviewed (March 12 in the Brisbane Sunday Mail) a lavishly produced TV documentary called “Universe.” Using his critical thinking skills to expose the numerous unsubstantiated yet dogmatic claims made in the program, columnist Peter Wear could be described as a man who wrote about watching an emperor with no clothes. He was so unimpressed with the program’s “silly” dogma that he pronounced (and apparently not intending a backhanded compliment to Christianity) “the Book of Genesis is by far the most credible account of creation.” He quickly added: “I’m not saying the Bible is right”; but after watching hours of “Universe,” he said Genesis is “better written and altogether a neater explanation.”

For example, he chastises the producers for declaring that the big bang is a fact (not a theory) when we really know so little about the universe. Mr. Wear writes that because there is such scant evidence to examine from our limited study of the universe, big bang boosters are “before all else, believers.” Therefore, he says, the program’s producers should have been “more honest, more circumspect” and not have made ill-informed dogmatic conclusions.

Mr. Wear reserves his harshest criticism for those cosmological evolutionists who, without “hard, empirical evidence,” declare so confidently that there is intelligent life in outer space. Incredibly, the program’s narrator (the famous English actor John Hurt) could only muster the following comment to explain why we haven’t found any alien life-forms: “So far, the aliens have been coy.” That’s his best “evidence” for extraterrestrial, intelligent life: they are playing hard to get? Put another way, “the unknown is really known but it is hiding from us; we just haven’t found out where, and that’s our story and we’re sticking with it!”

The creation account in the Bible at least is a logical and credible belief system about the origin of life and the universe.
The creation account in the Bible at least is a logical and credible belief system about the origin of life and the universe. Our universe exhibits incredible evidence of design and order, which suggests an all-powerful Designer as the Cause of all this order and complexity, not the randomness of any big bang.

Mr. Wear writes that a belief “that God created the whole darn lot in seven long days is as good as another.” Looking at Scripture, we should not be all that surprised with a comment like that coming from a non-Christian—after all, the Bible says that the heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1), and that God’s creative power is clearly seen, so that people are without excuse (Romans 1:20). He has merely stumbled upon the obvious.

From other Bible passages, even more light can be shed on the true origins of the universe and the impossibility of the big bang. We have the account of the One who was there at the very beginning, who recorded in Genesis that He spoke the universe into existence. All the multi-billion dollar Hubble telescopes and space probes, operated by some of our most brilliant scientific minds, together cannot even come close to rivaling His authority on this (or any) question.

There in the Book of Beginnings, the Creator also authoritatively recorded for us that the earth was created before the sun, exactly the opposite to the big bang scenario where the earth comes after the sun. “Case closed” at that point—Scripture has spoken. And it just so happens that the available scientific evidence indicates many problems with the idea of a primeval big bang event anyway, but that is superfluous since Scripture has already deemed the big bang to be wrong. (By the way, not even all evolutionary scientists believe in the big bang: a significant number of astronomers embrace other ideas about the origins of the universe, such as the “steady state” model; although they reject Genesis creation, they recognize the grave difficulties with the big bang idea.)

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