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This column is different, but bear with me.

From the very first issue of Answers magazine in 2006, two men and their organizations have played a key role in supporting this unique periodical. The two men are Don Landis and Tim Dudley.

Dale Mason

Dale Mason, Publisher

Don is president of Jackson Hole Bible College near Yellowstone National Park. Tim is the president of creationist publishing house Master Books. Both have been faithful advertisers from our beginning. Don is a fascinating Bible teacher. One of his personal passions has been the study of “ancient man.” He loves to show how the Bible explains some extremely puzzling discoveries.

About two years ago, Don and Tim agreed that it was time to create a book that would reveal to people worldwide the exciting material that previously enthralled students at Don’s college. Much is yet to be explored and future findings may affect some of the conclusions, but the book they are releasing this month is unquestionably the most complete, biblically based, and beautifully designed work ever assembled on the intelligence of ancient man, a quandary that some call “evolution’s nightmare.”

I recently returned from my second journey to the country of Peru—a treasure trove of evidences that reveal the amazing brainpower of the people who migrated and multiplied there after the dispersion from the Tower of Babel. Before flying down, I received a near-final draft of The Genius of Ancient Man. It helped frame my survey of Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, and other puzzling places, which I hope to share more about in an upcoming issue. Don Landis’s book highlights discoveries that evolutionists simply cannot adequately explain—but which fit perfectly with what we would expect based on the biblical record.

Never before have I used this column to highlight the work of an advertiser, but the information is so faith-strengthening that I strongly encourage you to use your “subscriber exclusive” code on page 4 to download a PDF of excerpts of this beautifully illustrated new book. The Genius of Ancient Man covers a huge range of remarkable information and “out-of-place artifacts” that confound evolutionists and confirm anew the truth of recent creation as described in the Bible!

All for Him,

Dale T. Mason, Publisher

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“When we start with the best evidence, God’s Word, we see other evidence of a young earth everywhere. The scientific evidences highlighted in this issue show ten ways that science confirms the Bible. I hope they will equip you to defend the clear teaching of Genesis and show others that we can always take God at His Word.”

Ken Ham, President/CEO, Answers in Genesis–USA

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