New Possible Pre-Flood Pyramid Found In Egypt

on November 15, 2008

National Geographic News: “New Pyramid Found in Egypt: 4,300-Year-Old Queen's Tomb” Down in the Egyptian sand lay the remains of a pyramid that was once nearly five stories tall. Was it around before the Flood?

What’s left of the pyramid lay under 23 feet (7 m) of sand in the ancient royal burial complex of Saqqara, near Cairo. Archaeologists believe the new pyramid held the tomb of Queen Sesheshet and was a “satellite” pyramid to the tomb of her son, Pharaoh Teti.

The area where Sesheshet’s pyramid was found was once used as a pile for sand from other excavations.

The discovery included the white limestone casing for the base of the pyramid. Based on the size and angle of the base, archaeologists judged pyramid’s original height to be around 46 feet (14 m).

The find is surprising because the area had already been thoroughly searched for other pyramids. However, Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, reports that the area where Sesheshet’s pyramid was found was once used as a pile for sand from other excavations. No wonder the pyramid was buried so deep!

Tomb raiders knew about the location at some point, however, as archaeologists discovered a shaft connected to Sesheshet’s funerary chamber. For that reason, the researchers expect Sesheshet’s mummy will be gone.

One question creationists must ask—and answer—is how the age of this pyramid matches up with the date the Bible gives for the Flood. After all, 4,300 years ago is roughly 2300 BC—only 49 years after Ussher’s date for the Flood, and before the dispersion at Babel. Could this pyramid date back that far?

The problem lies with the most widely accepted (secular) reconstruction of the Egyptian dynasties, which dates the pharaohs back past 3000 BC. But is there a model of Egyptian history that makes sense while fitting with what we know from the Bible? See Dating the Pyramids and the links below for the answer.

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