April–June 2016

April–June 2016

How well do you know the views of modern creationists? In this issue you can test whether you’re up to date. Also learn how old ages for the earth are based on mistaken evolutionary assumptions about meteorites; and discover from Scripture how Christians can effectively share the gospel with homosexuals.

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  • Feb. 4, 2018, pp. 30–32

    A century ago, scientists feared global cooling. Now they fear global warming. What does this century-old debate have to do with us today?

  • March 18, 2018, p. 33

    According to God’s Word, the great Flood of Noah’s day was the most devastating catastrophe in history. Noah’s Flood ripped apart the earth. We’re not talking about boulders but whole mountains. In some places, slabs the size of cities slid dozens of miles in minutes.

  • Dec. 2, 2018, pp. 34–35

    Even mathematicians—studying the rules that underlie reality—are tied up in knots over the surprising twists of “knot theory.”

  • Sept. 3, 2017, pp. 36–38

    Next time you’re tempted to brush away a spider web, stop to consider the engineering required . . . and the Engineer behind the engineer.

  • Sept. 10, 2017, pp. 40–44

    Meteorites have an amazing story to tell, but it has been misunderstood.

  • Sept. 17, 2017, pp. 46–49

    The winter solstice has a special effect at Ireland’s most famous megalith.

  • Sept. 24, 2017, pp. 52–53

    Peter warned that a skeptical philosophy would prevail in our day, claiming that “all things continue as they were from the beginning.”

  • Oct. 1, 2017, pp. 54–55

    Chronological teaching is a proven way to address biblical illiteracy. The author of this article taught Bible history in public schools for 13 years.

  • Oct. 8, 2017, pp. 56–65

    One of the big dangers in sharing our faith is to get sidetracked. It helps to acknowledge areas of agreement before getting into the deeper issues.

  • March 25, 2018, pp. 66–72

    Every day, the world’s master of disguise, the cuttlefish, finds new ways to blend into its ever-changing surroundings in search of its next meal. Cuttlefish are so good at imitation that they can instantly transform into a black-and-white chessboard or any other surrounding that mischievous researchers can think of.

  • Jan. 28, 2018, pp. 74–78

    The world’s most complex language system is located within every cell of your body. Scientists are now discovering that our DNA really does have hidden codes that have a practical function and purpose in our cells. Hidden codes pose a real problem for evolution.

  • March 8, 2018, pp. 80–84

    Few things get people more up in arms than when we talk about gender and God’s design for women. Even those within the Christian community bring a lot of baggage to how we view manhood and womanhood.




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