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Creator God


God the Creator

The Creator has revealed Himself in both science and history, and the two subjects are intertwined. It is just as wrong to leave God out of the study of bacteria and volcanoes as it is to leave Him out of the rise and fall of nations or the extinction of dinosaurs.

Limiting God?

Does a straightforward reading of the Bible restrict God? Simply put, we’re just repeating what God has said about Himself and what He has done. We restrict ourselves to the Bible, rather than accepting secular ideas about origins that are contrary to God’s Word.

Sir David Attenborough on The Dominion Mandate In Genesis

A well-known atheist recently claimed that God’s command in Genesis is the root of environmental issues. His words show a lack of understanding of the plain meaning of Scripture. He has read into the word dominion what he wants to see because of his atheistic background. An unbiased reading would not suggest that God’s words in Genesis 1:28 imply that people can do what they like, damaging the environment.

Articles About Creator God

  • Technical Research Paper
    Of Creation in General
    March 12, 2014 from Answers in Depth

    Baptist theologian Dr. John Gill had an essential grasp on how the creation account is extremely important to Christianity in the 1700s. It still is.

  • Semi-Technical Magazine Department Article
    Science in the Balance
    Dec. 7, 2011 from Answers Magazine

    Science is a powerful, God-given tool, but only the Bible is true in every aspect.

  • Attenborough on Genesis
    Feb. 9, 2009

    A well-known atheist recently claimed that God’s command in Genesis is the root of environmental issues, but this skeptic hasn’t done his homework.

  • Feedback Article
    What Has God Been Doing All These Years?
    Aug. 1, 2008 from Feedback

    Was God “sitting on His throne twiddling His thumbs” for eternity past until a few thousand years ago?

  • Feedback Article
    Are We Restricting God?
    June 20, 2008 from Feedback

    Does a straightforward reading of the Bible restrict God? Dr. Jason Lisle, AiG–U.S., looks at this oft-repeated claim.

  • Feb. 14, 2008 from Answers Magazine

    The Creator has revealed Himself in both science and history.

  • Sept. 5, 2006 from Answers Magazine

    As the world turned its attention to the heavens on December 24, 1968, the Apollo 8 crew turned their eyes to earth and their thoughts to the One who formed it.

  • Harvard Allocates Millions to Prove There Is No God
    Aug. 16, 2005

    Harvard is launching a research project to study how life began.

  • Magazine Article
    He Could Have Done It That Way
    Dec. 1, 2004, pp. 39–40

    Many times I’ve heard people tell me something like “God could have used evolution” or “God could have created over millions of years.”

  • “He Could Have Done It That Way … Couldn’t He?”
    Feb. 1, 2004 from Answers Update

    “It’s not a matter of what God could have done, but what He said he did!”

  • Feedback Article
    “I Have Been Told Its All About Faith”
    Nov. 7, 2003 from Feedback

    “Now although one must respect others views, beliefs, and opinions, I by my own nature must disagree whole heartedly with the creation story etc.”

  • Why Should We Listen to You?
    Nov. 10, 2000

    Evolutionary scientists seem to delight in coming up with ever more evidence that man is not unique or special in any sense of the word.

  • Magazine Article
    Creation Combats ‘Old Universe’ Idea
    March 1, 1993, pp. 35–36

    From our everyday experience we know that the greater the intelligence and skill of a person making something, the less time is required to make it.

  • Magazine Article
    The “Greenness” of God
    Dec. 1, 1992, pp. 26–29

    In an effort to link Christianity with the conservation movement, some people portray God as the ‘Original Greenie’ whose chief concern is the preservation of the natural environment.

  • Magazine Article
    Methods of the Creator
    Dec. 1, 1990, pp. 46–47

    Thirty years ago it was my experience as a new Christian on a university campus to begin my study of the relationship between God’s Word, the Bible, and modern scientific concepts of the origin of life.

  • Book Chapter
    The Root of the Problem
    July 1, 1987 from The Lie: Evolution

    The reason that people do not want to accept creation is that it means there is a Creator who sets the rules. Thus, no person can write his own rules.

  • Book Chapter
    Creation, Flood, and Coming Fire
    July 1, 1987 from The Lie: Evolution

    A message and warning from 2 Peter 3 concerning the rejection in the last days of the belief in God as Creator. This should be a real warning to everyone of the importance of origins.

  • Magazine Article
    The Creator
    June 1, 1985, pp. 21–23

    I now want to look at the most important aspect of Creation; Who is the Creator? How does the Hebrew language of Genesis describe Him?

  • Magazine Article
    Man: The Image of God
    March 1, 1981, pp. 21–22

    According to the Bible, the first man was perfect, made in the image of God.

  • Magazine Article
    The Creator God of the Bible
    Aug. 1, 1980, pp. 36–37

    Condensed from a taped lecture by Ivan Bowden Dean of Queensland Bible Institute, given at the Summer Institute of Creation Science 1979/80.


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