Creator God

God the Creator

The Creator has revealed Himself in both science and history, and the two subjects are intertwined. It is just as wrong to leave God out of the study of bacteria and volcanoes as it is to leave Him out of the rise and fall of nations or the extinction of dinosaurs.

Limiting God?

Does a straightforward reading of the Bible restrict God? Simply put, we’re just repeating what God has said about Himself and what He has done. We restrict ourselves to the Bible, rather than accepting secular ideas about origins that are contrary to God’s Word.

Sir David Attenborough on The Dominion Mandate In Genesis

A well-known atheist recently claimed that God’s command in Genesis is the root of environmental issues. His words show a lack of understanding of the plain meaning of Scripture. He has read into the word dominion what he wants to see because of his atheistic background. An unbiased reading would not suggest that God’s words in Genesis 1:28 imply that people can do what they like, damaging the environment.

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