Toying with Children’s Minds

How evolutionists use dinosaurs to spread their message

by Simon Terry on November 25, 2008

Evolutionists often dangle dinosaurs in front of children to spread their message. Find out how you can counter this.

This photograph shows a number of dinosaur books at the Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London

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This photograph shows a number of dinosaur books at the Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London

As I look around I see the impact that the popular teaching of evolution has had and is still having on our society. Man’s wisdom, in this regard, continually tries to trump the Bible as the authority. This can be clearly seen in popular teachings about dinosaurs.

I am amazed at just how many toys, books, and fossil kits you can now buy that tap into the children’s fascination with dinosaurs. Even wandering through our local supermarket In England, you may come across a Tyrannosaurus rex birthday cake produced by the Natural History Museum in London. A number of so-called fascinating “Fun Facts” can be found on the cake box:

The length of the Tyrannosaur: 12m—the length of one and a half double-decker buses. Its height: 5–6m; its jaws: 1.2m wide . . . .

They also teach the children how it walked: “on 2 legs—if it were alive today, it could step over a car in a single stride.” They’ll also tell you about his teeth: “60 saw-edged, bone crushing, pointed teeth that were up to 30 cm long, including the roots . . . .”

At this point, the fact-writers then leave observational science (what we can deduce from the skeletal remains) and leap into a very different realm of science. They tell us when it lived: “The T.rex lived 76–65 million years ago. Reporting this as a fact among the other facts leaves a dangerous imprint on the minds of the young and old. This is not something we can test through operational science. This is a belief about a vanished past!

Do you see how they have mingled the facts with what are actually non-facts, making the non-facts sound as though they are actually facts? What does this do to the young mind trying to piece together the origin of life? It teaches them to disregard the true Bible history and replace it with what they are taught as “natural history.”

It seems to me that some evolutionists are very dedicated to this cause. Think of the money and time and energy that are spent on this. As Christians, we too need to be dedicated to the cause. There is much work to be done. All of us can be “missionaries” to our family and friends, our own local supermarket, and our neighbors. All of us have a sphere of influence that we can reach. I will never meet all the people you meet, and you will never meet all the people I meet. We have such a vital message to share with them.

This is one major reason why Answers in Genesis exists. We are here to provide you with the resources that will equip you to meet that need (see below; they could be wonderful Christmas presents). We need to share with people what the Bible teaches. We need to show them how the things that they see and observe in this present world connect to the history we read in the Scriptures. We desperately need to share with them their need of God’s forgiveness and God’s marvelous plan of salvation. What a privilege . . . and what a responsibility!

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