The Bible and BioLogos


With millions of dollars of grant money from the John Templeton Foundation, BioLogos, a think tank that advocates God-directed evolution, has greatly expanded its programs to present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation. As part of its “Evolution and Christian Faith” campaign, the organization is donating money to churches, parachurch groups, and academics to promote evolutionary teaching. So far, the organization has given grants ranging from $23,000 to $300,000 to 37 individuals and teams.1

BioLogos seeks to “invite the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith,” but in practice, those high-sounding words mean reinterpreting clear Scripture to line up with flawed human understanding. BioLogos has already infiltrated several Bible colleges and seminaries. With so many respected leaders promoting this view, such as Francis Collins, who directed the Human Genome Project, should we be surprised to see pulpits being filled with pastors who are teaching Genesis as myth and promoting evolution as truth?

The results are disastrous. Many young people can see how the Bible’s integrity is undermined when pastors try to reconcile the book of Genesis with evolutionary “science.” Sadly, by elevating man’s fallible reasoning over God’s Word, organizations like BioLogos are likely to convince listeners to reject the Christian faith.

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April – June 2015

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  1. As of February 4, 2015,


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