5 Confirmations of a Worldwide Flood

by Dr. Tim Chaffey on July 1, 2023
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How can we be sure there was a worldwide flood as the Bible claims? These five strong evidences show that the catastrophic event really happened.

1. Scripture testifies of the truth.

The ultimate support for a worldwide flood is the testimony of God’s infallible Word. In Genesis 6:17, God tells Noah that he will cause a flood on the earth to destroy “all flesh” that lives on the land. This phrase is used 13 times in the flood account to stress the global nature of the catastrophe. The fact that God instructed Noah to bring flying creatures rules out a local flood since they could have flown to safety. Genesis 7:19 further states that the flood waters rose above “all the high mountains under the whole heaven.” Mountains could not have been submerged until the lower places on the earth had all been filled with water.

2. Cross-continent deposition supports a global flood.

Today, many rock layers stretch across multiple continents, showing that the same sediment—identified by grain size, fossil content, and chemical composition—spread over vast expanses of the globe before hardening into rock. A local flood could never distribute sediment to this extent.

3. The order of fossil layers indicates progression of burial during the flood.

The order in which fossils appear throughout many of the earth’s rock layers reflects the progression of burial during the flood. The lower layers contain fossils of deep-sea creatures—animals that dwell at the lowest point of the earth and thus would have been buried first in the event of a catastrophic flood. Successive layers contain fossils progressing from marine animals dwelling at shallow depths to land animals at lower altitudes and finally to land animals dwelling at higher altitudes. When considering earth’s sedimentary layers and the fossils contained therein, we should think of the order of burial during the flood rather than the alleged progression of “simple” life forms evolving into more complex forms over millions of years.

4. Gaps in the rock layers indicate rapid deposition of sediment.

When we study the rock layers in large sequences, such as those in the Grand Canyon, we find many places, called paraconformities, where consecutive rock layers are supposedly separated by huge gaps of time. They should show signs of erosion between them, but instead, the upper layer appears to have been deposited immediately after the layer beneath it. These findings are a problem for those who believe in billions of years, but they are easily explained by the flood. If rock layers were laid down in rapid succession during a global catastrophe, there would be no time for erosion or other sediment to come between them.

5. Flood mythologies support the biblical account.

Over 200 myths worldwide contain details that align with the biblical account of the flood. Though these myths also contain many distortions of the truth, their similarities to the biblical account suggest a shared global knowledge of the flood event. It’s likely that ancient people carried their knowledge of the flood with them when they dispersed from Babel and, over time, came to believe—or at least circulate—more localized, distorted accounts.

Dr. Tim Chaffey earned a DMin in advanced biblical and theological studies from Shepherds Theological Seminary and a ThM in church history and theology. He is the content manager for Answers in Genesis’ attractions division.

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