Biomimicry in Technology

Where do scientists find ideas to improve existing technology? Increasingly, the marvels of life—from the microscopic to the massive—inspire engineering breakthroughs. Knowingly or not, scientists are imitating God’s own incredible designs.

Copying God’s Design

By copying the world around us, scientists believe they can find innovative solutions to almost any problem imaginable. Biomimetics (or biomimicry) has already led to the development of technology as diverse as airplanes, Velcro, windshield wipers, and sharkskin swimsuits.

Bombardier Beetle

The amazing Bombardier beetle has long been a favorite of intelligent design advocates, who ask how the insect’s amazing self-defense mechanism could have arisen. Now, researchers have imitated that incredible mechanism.

Gecko Feet

Thanks to God’s amazing design of gecko feet, we could one day live in a world where tires grip smooth surfaces, climbing gloves and boots grip rocks, and even Spider-Man suits are a reality. But the gecko, with its fantastic ability to scamper up glass walls and ceilings, still wins by a foot.

Articles About Biomimicry


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