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on April 1, 2009
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The design of pterodactyls has inspired the design of an unmanned spy drone. The pterodrone, with a wingspan of only 32 inches (81 cm), is designed to nimbly fly through narrow passages and under bridges. Engineers based the design on recent discoveries about the pterosaur species Tapejara wellnhoferi. God apparently gave this amazing flying reptile the ability to change its wings and head crest into a variety of aerodynamic surfaces.

Pterodactyl Design

This skeletal reconstruction (left, courtesy of Bill Mueller) shows a pterodactyl (Tapejara wellnhoferi) that inspired the spy plane called pterodrone (right, courtesy of Brian Roberts). Like the pterodactyl, the pterodrone will sport a crest on its nose for steering.

As with several other modern-day technologies, the pterodrone is a wonderful reminder of the Designer’s wisdom. The very best human engineering can only approximate a fraction of the incredible designs that God placed into His creation.

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