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  • The Genesis of the Gospel
    The Genesis of the Gospel

    Unsurprisingly, the solution for reaching a secular culture with the gospel is found in God's Word. What is it? Watch and find out!

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  • Untold Secrets of Planet Earth
    Untold Secrets of Planet Earth

    To evolutionists, one of the most preposterous claims made by creationists is that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. Much evidence, however, favors the recent existence of dinosaurs. Ancient rock wall artwork in the Amazon shows accurate representations of various kinds of dinosaurs!

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  • Embrace DVD Series
    Embrace DVD Series

    In the Embrace series, you will hear from women as they share practical, biblical ways to embrace and encourage those who are hurting.

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February Specials

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham Video Download + Discussion Guide

FREE! Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham Combo

Limited time special offer!

As we approach the two year anniversary of this historical debate, we have decided to put together this special combo as a free gift to you. We hope you’ll download it and share it with a friend. We’ve included a pdf of the discussion guide along with the video download of the full debate.

Debate topic: "Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?" Hurry! Offer expires February 8, 2016.


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