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  • February Specials
  • The Great Jungle Journey VBS: Super Starter Kit + Digital Pro
    The Great Jungle Journey VBS: Super Starter Kit + Digital Pro

    Start planning your 2024 VBS now! This Super Starter Kit with Music and VBS Digital Pro includes all the basics you need to plan an amazing VBS, plus more. Easily register students and volunteers, customize your registration forms, send reminder emails, download your data, and more.

    Digital Pro contains all the hundreds of pages of valuable content of The Great Jungle Journey leader and teacher guides in an easy-to-read digital format that you can access on all of your devices. Check your kit upon arrival for information on accessing your digital resources! Prepare to swing into fun as you head out on a jungle adventure!Super Starter Kit also available. Compare VBS Kits.

    Devices not included.

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  • 7 C's Wordless Book
    7 C's Wordless Book

    NEW! This fun wordless book lets leaders and kids easily review the 7 C’s of History. Provides a simple way to point kids to their need for a Savior. A demo video and training brochure are available. Circle is approximately 3 inches in diameter. Buy 5 or more for $1.99 each!

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  • Mrs. C & Me Set
    Mrs. C & Me Set

    Help children discover and apply the true history of the world alongside Mrs. C and her friends. Perfect for K–2nd students in Sunday schools, homeschools, or small groups.

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February Specials

Your Midwinter Specials are here! Shop new books, curricula, 2024 VBS, and much more! Specials expire March 31, 2024.

10 Year Anniversary of the Nye/Ham Debate

On February 4, 2014 Bill Nye came to the Creation Museum to debate Ken Ham concerning the question of, "Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?"

Then on July 8, 2016, the day after the Ark Encounter was officially opened to the public, Ken Ham took Bill Nye on a walk through the Ark. It ended up being a 2-hour debate, which we call "The Second Debate." This debate was more informal so that enabled Ken to powerfully challenge Bill Nye and push him to the logical consequences of his atheistic worldview.

Nye/Ham Two Debate Pack

This special pack includes:

  • Uncensored Science: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham DVD (4-disc set)
  • Nye/Ham: The Second Debate at the Ark Encounter DVD (2-disc set)
  • Inside the Nye/Ham Debate Book

$53.97 $39.99 SALE

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