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The Lost Squadron Puzzle

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  • Format: Gift
  • Dimensions: 27.5" x 19.625"
  • Ages: All ages
  • SKU: 27-T-256
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This unique puzzle depicts the recovery of the Lost Squadron from below the ice layers as illustrated at the Ark Encounter! It makes a great conversation starter about the accuracy of the biblical timescale. 500 pieces. 27.5 x 19.625 in. 70 x 50 cm


In 1992, an expedition bored a 250-foot-deep hole into ice in Greenland to retrieve a squadron of planes that had been buried 50 years before. The bore hole revealed far more than 50 “annual” ice layers. These planes buried under more than 250 feet of snow and ice in less than 50 years reveal the unreliability of using so-called annual layers as a dating method because multiple layers can form every year.

Find out more about these airplanes under ice, the Ice Age, and how you can share with others that observational science is consistent with the biblical timeline.

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