Unnaturally Selected

on April 1, 2008
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Finland is a nation known for nonviolence, but its tranquility was shattered last year. A gunman—who massacred eight people at a high school—claimed he was engaged in Darwinian “natural selection.”

The 18-year-old shooter wrote that he was an “anti-social social-Darwinist” and that he was prepared to “die for my cause” as “a natural selector, [who] will eliminate . . . failures of natural selection.”*

Of course, evolution did not make the teen turn mass murderer. He gave into his sin nature. But when society teaches that young people are just animals in a struggle for survival and that life came about through natural, violent processes, should we be surprised at such massacres?

Violence did not exist in God’s original “very good” creation. The first couple, Adam and Eve, shattered that tranquility when they sinned. Their rebellion against God brought death and suffering into creation. While death is “natural” today, God calls it an enemy and condemns murder because He made humans in His image.

* Finland in Mourning after Fatal School Shooting

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