Mass Shootings


The Root Problem in Mass Shootings

Is the root problem guns, or ignorance, or poor mental health? While no one can make complete sense of crazed gunmen’s actions, Christians are in a position to offer an answer that gives real hope.

Is Norway Terror Suspect a Christian?

Norwegian terror suspect’s call for an armed crusade by “cultural Christendom” creates confusion in early news reports. Yet the Breivik case clearly illustrates the absurdity of allowing someone who does not espouse biblical Christianity to redefine Christianity. To the credit of CNN and many political spokespersons who have been interviewed, Breivik’s version of “Christianity” is now being publicly rejected.

God Not to Blame for Violence

Violence did not exist in God’s original “very good” creation. While death is “natural” today, God calls it an enemy and condemns murder because He made humans in His image.

Articles About Mass Shootings


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