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The evolution-busting Evolution Exposed: Biology now has a partner—Evolution Exposed: Earth Science.

Evolution Exposed: Biology

The original Evolution Exposed: Biology now has a partner . . .

Evolution Exposed: Earth Science

. . . Evolution Exposed: Earth Science!

Considering all the flak schoolteachers and school boards receive for the slightest mention of the problems of evolution, it’s almost surprising that even students haven’t been banned from taking AiG’s evolution-busting book Evolution Exposed: Biology into classrooms!

But since it’s still legal for students to challenge the evolutionary dogma imposed on them in science classes, the original Evolution Exposed (also available for free viewing online) is a resource every Christian student must have to help them not only stand firm on their faith in secular biology classes, but also to help them evangelize their peers and respond to the naturalistic philosophy masquerading as science.

Young-earth creationists are aware that the tentacles of evolution stretch beyond biology class, however. The origins controversy includes debates over the age of the earth and universe that go hand-in-hand with discussions of evolutionary biology. That’s why Answers in Genesis has released a follow-up book: Evolution Exposed: Earth Science.

Following the same easy-to-use format as the original Evolution Exposed, the new book likewise tackles anti-biblical ideas in science textbooks head-on. Author Roger Patterson, the former high school science teacher who also authored the first Evolution Exposed book, spent months reviewing the three most popular earth science textbooks in U.S. schools (from Holt, Glencoe, and Prentice Hall publishers). Dissecting the books paragraph-by-paragraph, Patterson has exposed the old-earth assumptions—and answered them with biblical thinking—in the chapters of the new earth science edition of Evolution Exposed.

The new edition examines claims that the earth is more than four billion years old, that geological features we see are millions of years old, and much more.

According to Patterson, the idea for Evolution Exposed: Earth Science originated as far back as the creation of Evolution Exposed: Biology, but it was only after Answers in Genesis continued to receive frequent inquiries about earth science that Patterson was given the go-ahead to write the new book.

Patterson explained the problem: “Geology and astronomy are presented from a materialistic view in the textbooks. The universe is assumed to have formed without any supernatural involvement and the earth followed suit. Because these textbooks present an unbiblical perspective, we decided to write the book to equip students in the public schools. Now we can offer them the answers to materialistic indoctrination in biology, geology, and astronomy class.”

Working closely with Patterson were AiG’s in-house geologist Dr. Andrew A. Snelling and astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle, along with AiG’s molecular geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom.

The new book, while designed for students, is obviously also a great resource for parents of students headed into secular earth science classes. Teachers and laypersons with an interest in the field can benefit as well.

There is even an excellent opportunity for parents, church groups, and others who recognize the secular dogma taught as science in schools: purchase a case of the new book or the old book (at a substantial discount) and distribute the books to students as the school year begins—arming them to defend their faith and ask questions that expose the hidden assumptions in secular science.

“Not only should this book be in the hands of every Christian public school student, but also their parents and pastors,” Patterson commented. “Fighting the evolutionary and ungodly bias in the public schools can’t be placed on the student alone—it must be a concerted effort. When parents and youth leaders are approached by the students about what to do when the teacher expects a project on how the earth formed, this book can be used as a resource for parents to help their children stand up to the indoctrination and present a God-honoring response.”

“Hopefully these books will go to class in the backpack right next to the earth science books and be used to show the authority of God’s Word over man’s assumptions.”

To learn more about either of these Bible-upholding, in-depth resources, visit Evolution Exposed: Earth Science and Evolution Exposed: Biology.


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