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Biology is the study of life, and probably no other high-school subject discusses a more controversial topic.

Biology, as taught in public schools, is filled with a naturalistic mindset, eliminates God from having any hand in the origination of life, and presents theory as fact with little or no verifiable explanation or support.

As high-school students open their biology textbooks, they face evolutionary teaching in nearly every chapter—including special units that explain evolution and support it with so-called evidence. Sometimes what they provide as evidence is grossly outdated or even blatantly untrue, such as the peppered moths and the Miller-Urey experiment. What can a Christian student who attends a public or private school that uses such textbooks do, knowing they can’t skip the evolution unit?

The best option for Christian students and parents is to be prepared. First, be aware of what the textbooks teach and how their facts are based on the author’s presuppositions (starting points) and worldview. Second, be equipped with the truth behind each evolutionary teaching point in the textbook.

To help expose and refute the evolutionary teaching in popular biology textbooks, Answers in Genesis (AiG) has developed a categorized reference book that critiques the three most widely used biology textbooks in the United States, published by Holt, Glencoe, and Prentice Hall.

Evolution Exposed: Your Evolution Answer-Book for the Classroom is by AiG curriculum writer and former public-school biology teacher Roger Patterson. This book uncovers and refutes the hundreds of references to evolutionary teaching found throughout these textbooks and then provides reference articles with summaries that reveal the biblical explanation and reference to solid scientific research for each reference.

Evolution Exposed also includes a list of recommended books and resources, as well as helpful tips for students who wish to respectfully ask questions of their teachers and are burdened to share the truth with their classmates. It’s time parents and teachers take an active role in the classroom and take back the field of biology for the glory of our Lord.

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October – December 2006


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