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Bill Nye has donned a new mantle as a modern-day evangelist for teaching evolution in America’s public schools. Following up his evolution-creation debate with Ken Ham last year, the “Science Guy” has released an anti-creationist book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation.

The content and tone of the book are summed up in one sentence: “Children who accept this ludicrous perspective [creation] will find themselves opposed to progress” (p. 10). That’s an interesting claim since creationists—not evolutionists—played the most prominent role in the rise of modern science. Perhaps Nye’s loaded word ludicrous would be more fitting for the message of his own book: he argues that modern science advanced because of its evolutionary foundation.


Nye tends to omit facts that would undermine his argument. For instance, he extols the findings of the great scientist Michael Faraday but conveniently neglects to mention that Faraday was a creationist.

Nye also leads his readers to believe that researchers who accept creation are anti-science. However, a little research would turn up tens of thousands of scientists and engineers who take joy in scientific discovery and contribute to technology, even though they reject evolution. A ready example from last year’s Nye-Ham debate is Dr. Raymond Damadian, whose pioneering work on the MRI scanner has saved countless lives.

If anything, the desire to learn more about the Creator and His creation is a keen motivator, not a hindrance, to discovery.

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