The Battle Heats Up

Secularists are strategizing about combating creationists.

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Secularists are strategizing about combating creationists.

AiG’s Dr. David Menton, because of his scientific credentials, was able to sit in on some very revealing meetings in St. Louis. He told me,“Evolutionists have had it with biblical literalists, and they’re not going to take it anymore.”

Dr. Menton had just attended the annual conference of the world’s largest scientific society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). It featured a number of sessions on creation/evolution and how to combat creationists.

Dr. Menton told me, “What I heard is of great importance to all who are concerned about biblical Christianity and the future of education in America. Christians be warned—humanly speaking, it is not very encouraging.”

The following is a summary of the strategies to fight biblical creationists:

  1. They must enlist the “clergy” or “people of faith” to help promote evolution. In fact, they are seeking out pastors for media representation.
  2. They must introduce evolution earlier—as early as the first grade! They say junior high is simply too late to convince students about Darwin.
  3. Evolutionists will use “bait-and-switch” tactics, with redefinition of terms. They must use terms like “science” instead of “evolution.”

Overall, Dr. Menton said that “there was a strident and angry denunciation of Christian ‘fundamentalists’ who seek nothing less than the end of all science!” He added that evolutionists at AAAS were also very concerned that 50% of all students still reject evolution. They blame teachers for not teaching evolution strongly enough!

Well—that’s just a summary of some of the “goings on” at the AAAS conference. In all likelihood, conference attendees (there were 9,000) returned to their schools and newsrooms “fired up” to fight creation more aggressively.

It all sounds somewhat depressing, doesn’t it? But, I do see a glimmer of light.

Think about it: why are these secularists so worried? A major reason is because the Lord has raised up biblical creation ministries like AiG and ICR to widely disseminate information at a grassroots level—to overcome school/media censorship.

By educating people in the arguments against evolution/millions of years and re-establishing the Bible’s credibility, they increasingly know how to defend the faith.

You see, as secularists are strategizing about combating creationists, AiG

  • hosts an award-winning website (5,000 articles/1.3 million visits a month).
  • is sending Dr. David Crandall around the world to set up translation teams.
  • will open the Creation Museum in just 12 months.
  • continues to produce new curricula and DVDs for Christian schools.
  • creates 2–3 new DVDs per month.
  • produces a daily radio program, Answers (heard on about 1000 stations).
  • will host perhaps 500 teaching meetings this year.

Such a grassroots approach is having a powerful effect. Yes, it is evoking the “wrath” of those against God … but that’s a sign the method is working.

Dr. Menton, by the way, has just written a 32-page handbook (it’s much larger than our usual booklets) on the famous “trial of the century”: the Scopes trial. You’ll want to add this eye-opening “handbook” to your library.

We continue to work hard, step out in faith and trust the Lord, doing the best we can to faithfully carry out the Great Commission in this increasingly secular age.

Please support the vital creation/gospel message—so more lives can be changed.


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