Evolutionists Ponder Life's Inevitability


All scientists seem to recognize the extraordinary implausibility of a naturalistic origin of the first living cell-for example, this article concedes, “The appearance of life on Earth seems to face so many obstacles … that scientists often feel forced to regard it as almost miraculous,” and later adds:

The biochemical processes of living organisms are highly organized. Scientists have long puzzled over how such systems can come spontaneously into being, when the second law of thermodynamics says that the universe as a whole generates increasing disorder.

Two scientists now claim that they have a solution: life was simply inevitable.

Yet two scientists now claim that they have a solution: life was simply inevitable, like the formation of snowflakes or lightning bolts in the right conditions. “They argue that life was the necessary consequence of available energy built up by geological processes on the early Earth,” writes Philip Ball.

Of course, it's not so surprising to read that the two scientists “admit that they don't yet have the theoretical tools to clinch their arguments.” Although one supposed origin-of-life “expert” claims the idea is “instructive and inspiring,” there's another instructive, inspiring (indeed, life-changing) and plausible explanation for the origin of life and the design we see around us: special creation.

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