The True Story of Noah’s Ark

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I have been particularly grateful to have partnered with Master Books and one of its authors in reviewing and editing the new book “The True Story of Noah’s Ark.”

I am always thrilled to learn how like-minded creationists have been influenced by the AiG ministry. This time, I have been particularly grateful to have partnered with Master Books and one of its authors in reviewing and editing the new book The True Story of Noah’s Ark.

When the publisher showed me the stunning artwork—the best I have ever seen related to the Ark—I was asked to be involved in the book’s editing to ensure biblical and scientific accuracy, and to help produce a superior work.

As I helped with the book, I kept thinking that it would be a great witnessing tool, whether as a gift to unsaved family and friends or left on a coffee table for visiting guests to thumb through.

Then I thought it would also make an excellent devotional book for families. I believe the great illustrations (see the samples below) would certainly hold the interest of young people.

Depiction of inside of Ark Depiction of the breaking up of the fountains of the great deep

For my teaching article this month, I wanted to share excerpts of this superb book that I was so privileged to play a part in producing.

Nearly all people groups have a similar flood story in their history. To get an accurate account, we must go to the original source where it was recorded at the outset—the Bible. Here, the account doesn’t begin with ‘once upon a time,’ because it isn’t a fable or work of fiction.

The Bible doesn’t record much information about the world before the Flood, but the people of this time were very intelligent. Some began to build highly developed cities. The Bible records that some people lived to be almost a thousand years old. Think about what you could learn and accomplish if you could live several hundred years.

Regardless of the knowledge that had accumulated, the Bible records that the wickedness of these people grew to almost unimaginable proportions. The Lord was very grieved. He warned that He would destroy the earth with a flood.

God instructed Noah to build an ark of safety … of such proportions (as the Lord had detailed) that it must have seemed a formidable task to Noah. But He also promised to be with him every step of the way. Some would openly scoff, calling him crazy, but there was no doubt in Noah’s mind. …

After the last timber had gone into place, then it must have started. It was like someone turned a switch and every animal that had come to the Ark responded. They slowly began moving to the Ark … by the thousands they came. Put yourself there and imagine. …

Noah, his family, and all the animals were settling in. The noise level must have been deafening as all the animals raised their voices—could this be their way of rejoicing over their deliverance from what was to come?

Only one detail was left—the door of the Ark …


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